Survival Purifier Water Bag

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To use the Survival Purifier Water Bag, fill the bottle from the tap, creek, dam, lake etc. Then sip the straw just like an ordinary straw. It may be a bit hard at first but once the internal membrane is wet it becomes easy! After use, empty the bottle and blow back through the LifeStraw GO Bottle to remove dirt and water and allow to dry before storage. Remember is lasts for up to 4000 litres and years and years so look after it after use! 
How it works: The straw contains specially designed hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane technology, most commonly found in industrial water treatment plants that clean a city’s water supply. The inside of the LifeStraw consists of a large number of hollow fibers that resemble angel hair spaghetti, but much thinner. Each fiber has pores in its walls with a diameter of 0.1 microns. When water is forced through the hollow fibers, only clean water can fit through these pores, blocking bacteria, parasites, and dirt from reaching the drinker. Important for first time use, run 50-100ml water through the filter straw to remove possibility of any unpleasant taste.



Type: Water Filter
Name: water filter with foldable water bottle
Type: Travel kit
Filtration Pore Size: 0.1 Micron
Filtration Capacity: 1000 Liters
Water Bottle Capacity: 0.7 Liters
Use: tap water or natural renewable fresh water
Filter Material: UF Membrane Carbon Fiber ABS (Food Grade)
Range: camping, hiking, fishing, outdoor activities
Emergency: Survival, Safety



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