Boba Is Life iPhone Case

$15 USD $25 USD

Let your love of bubble tea shine with this adorable Boba is Life IPhone case.

An amazing opportunity to start conversation about the universal love of bubble tea. With this case snugging your phone in a comfy fit, you can instantly add charm to any outfit. With those clean black bars lining the side, it also frames the artwork for a stylish matte finish. Designed to protect your phone from unwanted scratches and marks, our cases are not just cute AF, they're functional too! 

The slim-fit design and smooth to the touch finish means it'll slide smoothly into your pockets without any unsightly bulges or snagging. It also supports wireless charging, no need to constantly slip on and off your case. Simply place it on your wireless charger and go!

Lightweight that "wont weigh you down". Precisely crafted from a soft TPU material to be flexible and durable, easily safeguarding your phone from accidental drops, scratches, dust, oil or dirt. 

Whatever your day involves, this case will help you get through it. 

Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones
iPhone 6 | iPhone 6 Plus | iPhone 6s | iPhone 6s plus | iPhone 7 | iPhone 7 Plus | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8 | iPhone X | iPhone XS MAX | iPhone XR | iPhone XS


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