-The art of simplicity-


Our Motto 

We started this store to spread our love of Minimalism and everything it represents. At Minimal By Design, we believe that aestheticism and functionality go hand in hand. And that simplifying means appreciating what you have, and having what you can appreciate.

Keep it simple, keep it you. 


How did it all begin?

I am an ex-barista, a conditioned early bird, and a coffee addi-.. lover. I would stress wake at 4:00 AM every day. The only good part was sipping on my reusable coffee cup, which was always great.. at first. Ironically, I found myself repeatedly buying reusable cups for a variety of reasons; started to leak, started to smell etc. That's when I realized, I needed the perfect cup for me, a Sam to my Frodo. So I opened this store, to help people find their Samwise Gamgee.

And its' simply ballooned from there.