Minimal Magnetic USB Cable (USB IOS & micro Type C for andriod)

$10 USD $14 USD
Color: Red IOS

Getting annoyed with your charging cables breaking, charging slow & destroying your battery life by over charging? We can relate. So join the 200,000+ users that made the Auto-Disconnect Magnetic Phone Charger the #1 most advanced & best selling lightning charger. 

Using the Magnetic USB Cable you will be able to keep your eyes on the road while driving, while keeping one hand on the wheel use the other to connect your phone to the cable with just a quick magnetic snap! While in bed, don't fumble blindly to plug in. Let the strong magnet and 360° rotation do the connecting for you! Made from durable, high quality anti-oxidation copper wire material and nylon braiding for extra toughness while remaining flexible will keep your cable durable for several decades to come. Without forceful tugging, magnetic connection also helps prevent damaged and worn out charging ports.


  • Stop charging once your battery is at 100% (prevent damage from overcharging).
  • LED Breathing Halo Light displays your charging status
  • Unmatched Durability from the Zinc Alloy & Nylon Braided Cord (ability to bend and wont break)
  • Charge 40% Faster than ever with new 2.4A charging technology

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