Review of Minimal By Design + it's 3 bestsellers

Many time’s we spend valuable funds and fill our homes and lives with things we don’t really need. Minimalism helps us keep things simple, spend less, and appreciate what we have. But it’s not every day you meet people who want simplicity, and it’s not every day such people find a store that serves their unique needs.

This is why Minimal by Design stands out in a way most stores can’t.

Minimal by Design is an online store that stocks basically all things that suit minimalist living. The store prides itself on showing how the art of simplicity can be fun and purposeful. Hence, every product is carefully selected for its unique blend of simplicity, aesthetics, and functionality. A great example is the Minimal Wireless Charging Pad. This product is simple, sleek, and not bulky or demanding lots of space. It is beautifully designed and works efficiently and conveniently.

Minimal by Design offers its special audience a wide range of products. There’s literally something for everyone here, even those that are just discovering the minimalist in them. These products include bags, wallets, home barista, phone cases & accessories, travel cups, men & women items, items for the tech lover, and more.

The store is easy to navigate. It even has one extra likeable feature where you can see all the items you have viewed as you navigate the site. So, it’s easy to go back to something that caught your interest with one direct click.  

The bestsellers

Almost every store has that one or various items people can’t help but love. So, just so you know what people like that you might find interesting, here are the current best sellers of Minimal by Design.

  1. Voyager’s Rolltop


Talk about a minimalist backpack and minimalist travel bag all in one. The Voyage Rolltop is a multi-purpose rolltop made of strong, comfortable, and waterproof material. It comes designed from Germany and does not lack in style. It is evident that the creators of the rolltop thought of everything. Safety for your bag contents is prioritized yet does not make you lose out on anything else. All the openings are perfectly positioned to give you confidence. Check out this minimalist backpack on the site.

  1. The Petite Fete

    This minimalist backpack or shoulder strap bag for women was carefully curated to serve the contemporary minimalist lady. It is chic, charming, stylish, and water-resistant in and out, made from vegan leather and contains several useful compartments. You can stand out wearing this to a casual outing, an event, and as part of your collection of travel bags for women. The Petite Fete reeks elegance and is a typical must-have.

    3. The Modern Academic Backpack

      Student backpacks don’t have to be boring just because you are trying to get a multi-purpose backpack. The Modern Academic Backpack is a bestseller for various reasons but mostly because it is elegant with well-thought compartments and unbeatable comfort that leaves anyone proud to use them for weekend getaways, daily commute, or school.


       Written by, Sophia Crestwood